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The Epilog for One Wave Wonder

Lucia Kersten
7 January 1991
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5771:09.21 ~19:54hrs
I changed the userpic from The Parrot. The Parrot was redundant, in my opinion,{gomc _ 2011:06.22 > sunset}.
2010:10.28 from Initial splatz at 08.17 ~ 0951hrs
The E-Mail for this LJ goes to Yahoo "My_Healthy_Vet" as an Archival technique.
The Ylog which records Euro-R/S database is "myhealthevet" at Yahoo.
---Joanne T (As best I discern the situation _ 17 August 2010)
$$$Susyn_O Audit/Update _ 28 October 2010
16 May 2008CE - Added optical engineering and 5D-calculus
to my " Interests " this date....ouch!
This Blog is dedicated to the memory of
George Otto Morgan Comer
the inspirational calalyst of
of collective scholarship
in the cyber-netic aspects
of religion ( especially gnosticism )
and the art of collegiality
And to the memory of Rhea O`Doul
Whom I know only by Her all too brief Journal " Why I Wanted to Know "
------ 5768:01.21 TG Checked-off 5768:06.05 by L
* * * * * 7Lc02.26 - I read this today. Interesting. Script_3? or the untitled novel? gomc
~~~~~~~~~~~ 7Lc05.06 - 11 _Looks like this LJ will become adapted for diet. pharmacy (long entries) might also fit,{ gomc_ ~ 0843am Seinfeld Hotel Lobby }
5767:110.01_early afternoon at " Heros Cafe " in VA Hospital La Jolla California
Lucky gave me the password for this LJ. She drove Nrsc to the Clinic 1/2 Area so he could obtain copies of his appointments. She,(i.e. Lucky ),became dis-traught when she learned gomc is planning to have the VA kill him. The rest of Threeteam will be glad to see him . She does not feel that way. This LJ supplements and backs-up the www.MyHeatheVet.va.gov/ location. I am the only one who accepts that Lucky is not disappeared. When school begins next week and she returns to Chula Vista the others will stop thinking of her as missing. It might be what gc calls a " Jewy " thing,that is,speaking about someone as if they are or otherwise gone. I did not meet the gomc impostor. They exited the Clinic without coming back to the Heros Cafe. I only saw Lucky in the Cafe. Dsvrl and Susyn_O both are convinced gomc is . I agree. We are searching for a compleat nickname for the impostor gomc look-alike.(Threeteam:Dsvrl,Susys_O and me, Charlene Ayers ~ 1102am 15 Aug 2007CE)

03 August_When Lucky spends too much time with Threeteam (especially Susyn) she becomes,perhaps reverts is a better word,more like a teenager. She started this Blog/LJ because the rumour mill has me and her disappeared. I suspect her Threeteam " friends " got to her. Threeteam really needs an older woman to just be there and listen, though I doubt anyone over thirty could tolerate the youthful high-jinks and down-right-low " stuff " Threeteam........{~gomc Bored and goinf to sleep at ~ 0152pm PDST. Workstation #8 in The R/D Library ~}
Later, I am really scared right now. I read some of the working papers Devra and Ruth were batching. The Scripts are real! Horrible!! And my Dreamlover is in the middle of this awful mess!!! I got to do something.(L 8/02/2007)
5-dimensional_calculus, jesus, optical engineering, skunk salad